Sanford Lock Man - Do not waste your time...

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DO NOT CALL!!The first time I called, I had to try 4 different times because someone would just pick up and then hang up the phone without even talking; finally she answered and the person sounded as though she just crawled out of bed; I got a quote to help my son at Seminole College because he locked his keys in his car.

She quoted $25 - more depending on the type of security the car has. The car is an older model with no extra security, so we agreed on the price. I gave my son the information to call them when he got out of class. When he did, they arrived (their office is exactly 2.1 miles from the school) the very unprofessional man charged him $160 PLUS $25 travel cost.

When I called the office to clarify another 'girl-1' answered the phone and said "you hear my voice? It wasn't me you talked to this morning" with a LOT of attitude. When I asked her nicely to let me talk to the 'girl-2' who sounded like she just got out of bed, she hung up on me. I called back and 'girl-2' answered the phone, as soon as I spoke, she hung up on me.

I called back and this game kept going on and on for several minutes until 'girl-1' finally said "what do you want!? The job is already done!" I said my son can drive over there for a refund of the difference or I guess the only other thing to do is to advise Better Business Bureau. She said, "what?! You expect me to beg you not to do it?" I was shocked at the poor professionalism I have received from these 'girls' that I asked to talk to the owner.

She hung up on me - again and again and again.A couple times, telling me that "No one’s going to talk to you NOW!" My son paid only $65 of the bill and I am now going to go to every single rating system on the internet to advise everyone of this company and the unprofessionalism as well as the price gouging they participate in.

Review about: Bad Auto Service.

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